By Project for Public Spaces on Sep 15, 2017

The case for placemaking in the Global South is clear: as a platform for economic development, safety, cultural expression, and social inclusion. As evidenced at the Making Cities Together Conference in Nairobi in May, placemaking has reached global relevance as a platform for achieving broad-sweeping development goals. Global-scale events like Placemaking Week 2016and Habitat III have made public spaces a priority of policy documents like the New Urban Agenda. The Nairobi conference focused on next steps for making these goals into a reality.

Now, a newly released report delves into the dialogue of the Nairobi Urban Thinkers Campus, which centers on how to support this growing agenda around place, scaling up campaigns for placemaking in Global South cities around the world. Nairobi is a city now deeply engaged with placemaking, reflects a growing interest in leading urbanization conversations with public space in the Global South. How can developing cities that are faced with rapid growth chart a path that includes public spaces defined by their communities?


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