We have put together various legal documents and other resources relating to the planning profession with a specific focus on the City of Nairobi.

General Documents:

  1. The Constitution of Kenya (External link: KenyaLaw.org)
  2. Kenya Vision  2030 (Abridged Version)
  3. County Governments Act (No 17 of 2012)
  4. National Land Policy (Sessional Paper Number 3 of 2009)
  5. Physical Planning Act (Cap 286) 
  6. The Land Use and Physical Planning Act, 2019 
  7. Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA)
  8. Urban Areas and Cities Act(No 13 of 2011)
  9. National Spatial Plan 2015 – 2045
  10. Access to Information Act
  11. County Spatial Planning Guidelines   
  12. Physical Planners Handbook 2008
  13. Government of Kenya Draft Eviction Guidelines 

Nairobi Related Documents:

  1. Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Plan (NIUPLAN) – Existing Conditions
  2. Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Plan (NIUPLAN) – The Master Plan
  3. Nairobi City County Integrated Development Plan (2017-2022)
  4. Nairobi City County (Council) Zoning Ordinance
  5. Nairobi City County Non Motorized Transit Policy
  6. Nairobi Regeneration Committee Summary of Tasks
  7. Nairobi Metropolitan Integrated Transport Masterplan (NUTRANS)
  8. Nairobi Integrated Transport System and Loopline (2018)
  9. An Inventory of Slums in Nairobi (Document by Muungano/SDI)

Nairobi – Historical Documents and Articles

  1. Nairobi Metropolitan Growth Strategy (1973 Plan)
  2. Nairobi 1948 Master Plan “A Plan for a Colonial Capital”
  3. Nairobi 1900-1950 (Special Golden Jubilee Publication)
  4. Article: The City of Nairobi by Dorothy Halliman and W.T.W Morgan

Research and Publications of Interest:

  1. Towards the Just City in Kenya
  2. Fast-tracking public transport priority: Investigating the potential of Tactical Transit Lanes in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 in cities in Sub-Saharan Africa
  3. Learning from COVID-19 pop-up bicycle infrastructure: An investigation into flexible and user-led bicycle planning in Cape Town, Nairobi, and Kampala

CDKN Non Motorised Transport Newsletter Series

  1. NMT/Air Quality
  2. NMT/Pedestrianization Users
  3. NMT/Pedestrianization Safety
  4. NMT/Pedestrianization Infrastructure
  5. NMT – Cycling 

External Non State/Government Documents:

  1. The New Urban Agenda
  2. Cost Benefit Analysis of NMT Infrastructure Projects,  UNEP (2015)
  3. Non Motorized Transport Project Assessment Tool (UNEP & CfTS, UCT)
  4. UN Habitat: Streets for Walking & Cycling – Designing for safety, accessibility and comfort in African Cities  
  5. Planning Our Towns: A Toolkit For Inclusive Urban Development In Kenya
  6. World Bank Leaders in Urban Transport Planning

Other Links of Interest:

  1. National Construction Authority Public Complaints  

Websites of Interest: 

  1. Transformative Urban Mobility (TUMI)
  2. Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
  3. Future Cape Town
  4. Open Streets Cape Town
  5. African City Planner
  6. World Wide Real Time Air Quality Data (external Link)