#NairobiWeWant: Urban Regeneration and Gentrification

As cities around the world catapult themselves into ‘World Class’, Global City status, we have to ask ourselves, “at what cost”? Not in my Neigbourhood gives the account of citizens on the frontline of the struggle against the intersectional nature of Gentrification from three seemingly World Class Cities. Join us on Thursday 6th December from … Continue reading #NairobiWeWant: Urban Regeneration and Gentrification

Upcoming Workshop

Implementing Creative Methodological Innovations for Inclusive Sustainable Transport Planning (i-CMiiST) is a project funded by the British Academy that involves researchers, creative experts, transport professionals and policy makers from the UK and Africa to co-identify ways to address the serious transport issues faced by many African cities. As part of the process, we are organizing … Continue reading Upcoming Workshop

Participate in the ‘Young Achievers Competition’

Quality of urban space becomes a vital aspect of urban development. “The Young Achievers’ Consortium Competition” is a trial to enhance the quality and diversity of satellite cities in the country, and also an important approach to achieve effective urban regeneration in the redevelopment process. The competition will aim to alter the traditional way of … Continue reading Participate in the ‘Young Achievers Competition’