East African Urban planners, creative experts, researchers, and urban enthusiasts have been conducting studies on Implementing Creative Methodological Innovations for Sustainable Transport Planning. The Nairobi team focused on Ring Road Kilimani and Luthuli Avenue, with focus was on improving the Non Motorized Transit use experience.

Creative methods like participatory mapping, photography, virtual reality, infographics, street modelling, videography, and placemaking were used for data collection and presenting outputs.

The team also held a series of urban dialogues to share and discuss the process and the output. The final dialogue had good representation from different fields including planners, architects, lawyers, urban designers, engineers, activists, policy makers, artists and creatives.

The study teams sought to appreciate the desire lines of pedestrians and cyclists, understand the challenges that the users of Non-motorized transport face on the streets, aspects of comfort on streets and impact of air quality..

Interesting views and statistics came out in regards to the commuters and road users and their thoughts on the various modes of transport:


Other interesting statistics that also emerged include the fact that 65% of Nairobi’s residents walk to work, 30% use public means while 5% use private cars. These figures, coupled with lack of proper facilities such as pedestrian walkways to and fro, make Nairobi the unwalkable walking city.

Several views emerged from the audience, summarized below:

  • The need for built environment professionals to work together when designing streets (especially Urban Planners and Engineers). The current street designs imply that these professions work in isolation and the end product is a mismatched urban fabric.
  • The need for enforcement and design concerns along the streets.
  • Paratransit planning is lacking, especially for thee matatu sector.
  • There were concerns over the safety of the infrastructure for children.
  • The need for integration of the Boda boda sector.

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